Cheata "Easy On" Medical Compression Bra

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The Cheata Easy On Medical Recovery bra is not only  the strongest and most comfortable post surgical garment available on the market, it features the easiest on/off method of enclosure possible in a compression garment. Designed specifically to advance healing and facilitate comfort and security during 24/7 long term wear. 

  • Firm medical grade comprehensive 4-way stretch compression supporting breasts, connective tissue, corresponding muscles, spacers (if present) and/or implants (if present). 
  • Reduces tension on sutures/newly formed scars and prevents them from stretching
  • No pressure on the porta-cath or abdominal trim flap areas
  • No blockage or inhibition of underarm lymph drainage
  • No digging or pulling anywhere on the upper torso
  • Helps prevent sagging skin by applying supportive pressure to body's new contours
  • Creates weightless, secure and protected feeling of the breast region
  • Seamless and silky to protect skin from chaffing from long term wear
  • Ideal downward and inward compression tension
  • Full coverage and extra long breast hammock region to protect suture lines
  • Advances circulation and helps prevent and reduce swelling
  • Prevents some "throbbing" sensations after surgery 
  • Fully opening zipper track with hook and eye enclosures
  • No cups, wires, or tags
  • Breathable, moisture wicking, fast drying, and odor resistent
  • Improved posture and upper back muscle support
  • No stretching out from long term wear
  • Helps patient return to normal routine and activity more quickly
  • Machine washable